Ben Colodzin Ph.D. is a humanistic health educator with 30 years experience offering educational materials and self-help methods to ease the overwhelm of traumatized individuals. He is author of TRAUMA AND SURVIVAL: A SELF HELP LEARNING GUIDE, HOW TO SURVIVE TRAUMA, and is founder and former director of Olympia Institute, a nonprofit health organization focused on education about traumatic experiences and their consequences. He is also the former editor of Olympia Institute Quarterly (1996-2002), an online publication posing the question “what kind of help really helps?” for traumatized individuals.

Ben Colodzin’s experience includes educational work with combat veterans, incest survivors, domestic violence, natural and human-caused disasters, chemical and radiological poisoning, and political prisoner torture survivors.

He has been a lecturer on PTSD throughout the western United States, and a wilderness program group leader for traumatized individuals. His international work includes a translation of his first book into Russian, and seminars on PTSD to military officers at the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia; and at the Red Cross International Center for Survivors of Torture in War, Stockholm, Sweden.

Ben Colodzin’s insight oriented methods and his willingness to share healing methods gleaned from his study of how indigenous cultures around the world handle trauma have enabled him to offer a wide variety of self-help tools and educational materials to those who are seeking support and have not found relief in conventional therapies and medications.

He is available for consulting and public speaking engagements.