Sep 092014

I have created this website to make the information in my prior books available to all.  I am a  health educator with over 30 years experience on trauma related issues. I am the author of TRAUMA AND SURVIVAL: A SELF HELP LEARNING GUIDE (directed towards military veterans) , and HOW TO SURVIVE TRAUMA (directed towards the entire spectrum of overwhelming experiences). Both these books are available on this website to download and read free of charge.

I founded and served 15 years as director of Olympia Institute, a nonprofit health organization focused on education about traumatic experiences and their consequences.

My experience—seeking options for more ease of living for trauma survivors—includes extensive work with combat veterans, survivors of incest, rape, child abuse and other domestic violence, urban crime, chemical and radiological poisoning, death of loved ones, life threatening illnesses, and natural and human-caused disasters. I have lectured extensively on what is generally labeled Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) throughout the  United States, served as a wilderness group leader for individuals with PTSD, and educated many people through ten-week PTSD self-help programs for combat veterans, incest survivors, and survivors of child abuse. I have also led international seminars on my approach to post traumatic stress problems of living, such as a briefing on PTSD in combat veterans to military officers at the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia, and at the Red Cross International Center for Survivors of Torture in War, Stockholm, Sweden.

I suggest that individuals who are just beginning to learn about PTSD use the link to the PTSD checklist, a 17 item symptom self evaluation produced by the National Center for PTSD of the Dept of Veterans Affairs (available at  ).  I have also included a link to the American Psychiatric Association’s updated definition of what PTSD is and what symptoms let you know it is present  (available at )   These are the official, mainstream ideas about what constitutes PTSD, and a brief, honest, self-appraisal can help you determine if you or a loved one is experiencing PTSD.

There are now many treatment philosophies, methods and options for addressing PTSD, and no one method or philosophy seems to be universally appealing to all. I am available to do public speaking on PTSD. If you check out my books posted online here and feel this educational approach is of benefit to your situation, a consultation or speaking engagement can be arranged via email to
NOTE: The information offered on is for educational purposes only and is in no way intended to be misconstrued as psychological treatment and/or diagnosis.

Ben Colodzin, PH.D. does not provide psychotherapy in his consulting practice, which is for health educational purposes as described herein.