Sep 082014

Download a PDF of Trauma and Survival

Praise for the books Trauma and Survival and How to Survive Trauma:

…Colodzin outlines a practical program for people undergoing post traumatic stress reactions. He knows his topic well and anyone who has lived through the experiences he describes will find something of value.
Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
Director of Consciousness Studies, Saybrook Institutetrauma-and-survival

Trauma affects all aspects of our being: physical, emotional, intellectual and spritual. In How to Survive Trauma Dr. Colodzin has drawn on modern and ancient knowledge about the delicate art of healing the self after catastrophic hurt.
Jean Cavendish, M.D.
Director, Institute for Dissociative Disorders

Ben Colodzin’s  book, How to Survive Trauma, was written primarily for people who have survived extreme states of disruption in their lives. As I learned more from Ben about this work I came to understand that his book carries a message for a wider audience as well. At the heart of his work on humanistic conflict resolution are insights about “respect” and “real work” that serve to guide and inspire all people seeking healing and a sense of connection to purpose.
Barbara McNeill, Ph.D.
Institute of Noetic Sciences

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